CS 61C (Fall 2007)

Midterm 1

Tuesday, 10/16 in 155 Dwinelle from 7-9pm.


The midterm be held Tuesday 10/16/2007 in 155 Dwinelle from 7-9pm. It will cover all course material through lecture on Friday 10/5. The exam will be open book and open notes, but no electronic devices or talking will be allowed. You will have assigned seating, please remember your Cal Student ID card.

You will find the style of questions on our exams closely matches the quizzes and homeworks you have seen so far, and we highly suggest that you study your code side-by-side with our solutions.

The solution, and grading key are now availible.  An explanation of our grading system, along with your score has been sent to your course e-mail. If you did not receive such an e-mail, contact us immediately. Exam summary statistics have also been posted.


Course Review

HKN Review

HKN will hold a separate review Sunday 5-7pm in the Woz, for those who want more, or can't make our review. We are not responsible for the content of the HKN review, and can only guarentee our own.

Old Exams & Review Material

We have posted a number of old exams, and what solutions we could dig up. They are availible in ~cs61c/files/exam/1/.  If you're interested in one exam in particular spring 2006 would be our suggestion.  The solutions are availible on the HKN website.

Some old exams can also be found on the HKN website, along with solutions.

Alex has been good enough to put together some review material for you