Course Links
CS61CL Website - The lab only version
CS61C Honors Section
HKN: Old Exams

General References
Storage Management by Paul Hilfinger
CS61C: C: Introduction, Points & Arrays by Brian Harvey
GNU Emacs Quick Reference Guide
An Introduction To Using GDB Under Emacs
Kernighan & Ritchie Online (No Pictures)
Essential C by Nick Parlante
Pointers & Memory by Nick Parlante
A ddd debugger tutorial by Adam Megacz
GDB 5 Reference Card
GDB 4 Reference Card
Wikipedia: C99
Synchronous Digital Systems
Representations of Combinational Logic Circuits (Boolean Logic)
Combinational Logic Blocks
Verilog Tutorial
State Elements: Circuits That Remember
Verilog Circuit Rules
Verilog Green Card

Computing Resources
E-mail Setup (Including spam filtering!)
Availible UNIX servers (sun/solaris required for precompiled code, intel/solaris 2nd best)
CSUA: Include Guides & Help Sessions
Connecting to Instructional Machines (Windows)
Connecting to Instructional Machines (Mac OS)
Cygwin Install Guide (UNIX environment for Windows)

Old Course Websites
Summer 2007, Instructor: Scott Beamer
Spring 2007, Instructor: Dan Garcia
Fall 2006, Instructor: Dan Garcia
Summer 2006, Instructor: Andy Carle
Spring 2006, Instructor: John Wawrzynek
Fall 2005, Instructor: Dan Garcia
Summer 2005, Instructor: Andy Carle
Spring 2005, Instructor: Dan Garcia
Fall 2004, Instructor: Dan Garcia