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This page lists the grading status of all assignments which have been handed in.

General Status




Quiz regrades are meant to correct formatting errors only. Please just list the quiz number, question and your login.

We will not give late credit for quizzes even 1min late. Do not ask.




All homework regrades (with the exception of the survey homeworks: 3_2, 9 and 12) should go to cs61c-ta. Regrades on submissions marked "reader will examine" will not be accepted for any reason until after the assignment is listed in green above. For those of you who have submitted regrades of this nature, and been told to contact the reader, we apologize for this change of policy and ask you to resubmit your requests.

Homework regrades are meant to correct severe errors in grading only.  For example, you received a 0 for some unknown reason, you were marked down for formatting an autograded homework incorrectly and the like.  Unlike projects we're not accepting each and every tiny change.  The regrade load would be too large.




Project regrade requests for proj3-5 must consist of your login, the updated version of your submission files (we'd prefer this to a list of changes it turns out) with the changes to bring your submission in line with the autograder's expectations. Regrade requests of the form "can you look at my project" and "can you explain the autograder log to me" are not acceptable, except in the case where you were unable to complete the project. We will, however, be more than happy to talk to you during office hours, or from 7-8pm after the final exam review to help you formulate an acceptable regrade request. Figuring out how to make these requests and what changes you need to make is actually a great way to study for the final exam in this class.  Do not use the submit to submit any changes!  Instead e-mail your updated files to cs61c-ta.

Your final score after a regrade for proj3-5, as described above, will be determined by the formula: FinalScore = OldScore + RegradeRate*(NewScore-OldScore). The regrade rate typically varied from 0.5 to 1 depending on the type and number of changes you made.  Minor formatting only changes resulted in a 1, meaning you got full credit.  Changes considered significant by the definition of the assignment resulted in a lower regrade rate.  There is no appeal on your regrade rate, don't ask.

Regrades for proj1 and proj2 should be sent to cs1c-ta and will only be accepted for severe grading mistakes of some nature.  We are not accepting regrades which require changes to you code (except for the few people who have a comment allowing it in their proj1 glookup, or those who lost points for something stupid like a difference in proj1 error messages).  Regrades on submissions marked "reader will examine" will not be accepted for any reason until after the assignment is listed in green above.




The regrade policy, instructions and an explanation of your grade (at least for the midterms) will be or has been sent to your imail account. This e-mail includes all of the regrade instructions.

Course E-mails & AutoGrader Logs

You will find all the autograder logs for your submissions in your course e-mail inbox. You can read this by logging in to IMail with your cs61c-?? account. For more information about IMail, please read the Instruction Support E-mail Page

Autograder logs consist of a number of test cases separated by lines with a lot of "#####" on them. Within each failed test case you will find the following, separated by lines with a log of "***" on them:

Note that for a test case which you passed, the log entry is much shorter and simply notes that you passed. For some tests however, your log may say that your program did not exit properly. In these cases most likely you had an infinite loop, returned an incorrect value from main() or your program crashed in some way.

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