CS 61A

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs summer 2014

Meet the Staff


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Andrew Huang Photo

Andrew Huang (Bio)

Email: andrew.huang

Rohin Shah Photo

Rohin Shah (Bio)

Email: rohinmshah

Teaching Assistants

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Jonathan Allen Photo

Jonathan Allen (Bio)

Email: cs61a-ta

Matthew Chow Photo

Matthew Chow (Bio)

Email: cs61a-tb

Ajeya Cotra Photo

Ajeya Cotra (Bio)

Email: cs61a-tc

Davis Foote Photo

Davis Foote (Bio)

Email: cs61a-td

Jessica Gu Photo

Jessica Gu (Bio)

Email: cs61a-te

Angela Lin Photo

Angela Lin (Bio)

Email: cs61a-tf

Jeffrey Lu Photo

Jeffrey Lu (Bio)

Email: cs61a-tg

Beth Marrone Photo

Beth Marrone (Bio)

Email: cs61a-th

Youri Park Photo

Youri Park (Bio)

Email: cs61a-ti

Alana Tran Photo

Alana Tran (Bio)

Email: cs61a-tj

Dickson Tsai Photo

Dickson Tsai (Bio)

Email: cs61a-tk

Sumukh Photo

Sumukh Sridhara (Bio)

Email: sumukh@berkeley.edu


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Justin Carter Photo

Justin Carter

Email: cs61a-rb

Kevin Chen Photo

Kevin Chen

Email: cs61a-rc

Richard Doan Photo

Richard Doan

Email: cs61a-rd

Cem Koc Photo

Cem Koc

Email: cs61a-re

Jocelyn Kuswanto Photo

Jocelyn Kuswanto

Email: cs61a-rf

George Li Photo

George Li

Email: cs61a-rg

Anna Papitto Photo

Anna Papitto

Email: cs61a-rh

Michelle Tian Photo

Michelle Tian

Email: cs61a-ri

Daniel Tyrrell Photo

Daniel Tyrrell

Email: cs61a-rj

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