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"""The ants module implements game logic for Ants Vs. SomeBees."""

import random
import sys
from ucb import main, interact, trace
from collections import OrderedDict

# Core Classes #

class Place(object):
    """A Place holds insects and has an exit to another Place."""

    def __init__(self, name, exit=None):
        """Create a Place with the given exit.
        name -- A string; the name of this Place.
        exit -- The Place reached by exiting this Place (may be None).
        """ = name
        self.exit = exit
        self.bees = []        # A list of Bees
        self.ant = None       # An Ant
        self.entrance = None  # A Place
        # Phase 1: Add an entrance to the exit
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

    def add_insect(self, insect):
        """Add an Insect to this Place.

        There can be at most one Ant in a Place, unless exactly one of them is
        a BushAnt (Phase 2), in which case there can be two. If add_insect
        tries to add more Ants than is allowed, an assertion error is raised.
        There can be any number of Bees in a Place.
        if insect.is_ant():
            # Phase 2: Special handling for BushAnt
            "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
            assert self.ant is None, 'Two ants in {0}'.format(self)
            self.ant = insect
            self.bees.append(insect) = self

    def remove_insect(self, insect):
        """Remove an Insect from this Place."""
        if not insect.is_ant():
            assert self.ant == insect, '{0} is not in {1}'.format(insect, self)
            self.ant = None = None
    def __str__(self):

class Insect(object):
    """An Insect, the base class of Ant and Bee, has armor and a Place."""

    def __init__(self, armor, place=None):
        """Create an Insect with an armor amount and a starting Place."""
        self.armor = armor = place  # set by Place.add_insect and Place.remove_insect

    def reduce_armor(self, amount):
        """Reduce armor by amount, and remove the insect from its place if it
        has no armor remaining.

        >>> test_insect = Insect(5)
        >>> test_insect.reduce_armor(2)
        >>> test_insect.armor
        self.armor -= amount
        if self.armor <= 0:
            print('{0} ran out of armor and expired'.format(self))

    def action(self, colony):
        """Perform the default action that this Insect takes each turn.
        colony -- The AntColony, used to access game state information.

    def is_ant(self):
        """Return whether this Insect is an Ant."""
        return False

    def __repr__(self):
        cname = type(self).__name__
        return '{0}({1}, {2})'.format(cname, self.armor,

class Bee(Insect):
    """A Bee moves from place to place, following exits and stinging ants."""
    name = 'Bee'

    def sting(self, ant):
        """Attack an Ant, reducing the Ant's armor by 1."""

    def move_to(self, place):
        """Move from the Bee's current Place to a new Place."""

    def blocked(self):
        """Return True if this Bee cannot advance to the next Place."""
        # Phase 2: Special handling for NinjaAnt
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
        return is not None

    def action(self, colony):
        """A Bee's action stings the Ant that blocks its exit if it is blocked,
        or moves to the exit of its current place otherwise.

        colony -- The AntColony, used to access game state information.
        if self.blocked():
            if != 'Hive' and self.armor > 0:

class Ant(Insect):
    """An Ant occupies a place and does work for the colony."""

    implemented = False  # Only implemented Ant classes should be instantiated
    food_cost = 0

    def __init__(self, armor=1):
        """Create an Ant with an armor quantity."""
        Insect.__init__(self, armor)

    def is_ant(self):
        return True

class HarvesterAnt(Ant):
    """HarvesterAnt produces 1 additional food per turn for the colony."""

    name = 'Harvester' 
    implemented = True

    def action(self, colony):
        """Produce 1 additional food for the colony.
        colony -- The AntColony, used to access game state information.
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

def random_or_none(l):
    """Return a random element of list l, or return None if l is empty."""
    return random.choice(l) if l else None

class ThrowerAnt(Ant):
    """ThrowerAnt throws a leaf each turn at the nearest Bee in its range."""

    name = 'Thrower'
    implemented = True
    damage = 1

    def nearest_bee(self, hive):
        """Return the nearest Bee in a Place that is not the Hive, connected to
        the ThrowerAnt's Place by following entrances.
        This method returns None if there is no such Bee. 

        Problem B5: This method returns None if there is no Bee in range.
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
        return random_or_none(

    def throw_at(self, target):
        """Throw a leaf at the target Bee, reducing its armor."""
        if target is not None:

    def action(self, colony):
        """Throw a leaf at the nearest Bee in range."""

class Hive(Place):
    """The Place from which the Bees launch their assault.
    assault_plan -- An AssaultPlan; when & where bees enter the colony.

    name = 'Hive'

    def __init__(self, assault_plan): = 'Hive'
        self.assault_plan = assault_plan
        self.bees = []
        for bee in assault_plan.all_bees:
        # The following attributes are always None for a Hive
        self.entrance = None
        self.ant = None
        self.exit = None

    def strategy(self, colony):
        exits = [p for p in colony.places.values() if p.entrance is self]
        for bee in self.assault_plan.get(colony.time, []):

class AntColony(object):
    """An ant collective that manages global game state and simulates time.

    time -- elapsed time
    food -- the colony's available food total
    queen -- the place where the queen resides
    places -- A list of all places in the colony (including a Hive)
    bee_entrances -- A list of places that bees can enter
    def __init__(self, strategy, hive, ant_types, create_places, food=4):
        """Create an AntColony for simulating a game.

        strategy -- a function to deploy ants to places
        hive -- a Hive full of bees
        ant_types -- a list of ant constructors
        create_places -- a function that creates the set of places
        self.time = 0 = food
        self.strategy = strategy
        self.hive = hive
        self.ant_types = OrderedDict((, a) for a in ant_types)
        self.configure(hive, create_places)

    def configure(self, hive, create_places):
        """Configure the places in the colony."""
        self.queen = Place('AntQueen')
        self.places = OrderedDict()
        self.bee_entrances = []
        def register_place(place, is_bee_entrance):
            self.places[] = place
            if is_bee_entrance:
                place.entrance = hive
        register_place(self.hive, False)
        create_places(self.queen, register_place)

    def simulate(self):
        """Simulate an attack on the ant colony (i.e., play the game)."""
        while len(self.queen.bees) == 0 and len(self.bees) > 0:
            self.hive.strategy(self)    # Bees invade
            self.strategy(self)         # Ants deploy
            for ant in self.ants:       # Ants take actions
                if ant.armor > 0:
            for bee in self.bees:       # Bees take actions
                if bee.armor > 0:
            self.time += 1
        if len(self.queen.bees) > 0:
            print('The ant queen has perished. Please try again.')
            print('All bees are vanquished. You win!')

    def deploy_ant(self, place_name, ant_type_name):
        """Place an ant if enough food is available.

        This method is called by the current strategy to deploy ants.
        constructor = self.ant_types[ant_type_name]
        if < constructor.food_cost:
            print('Not enough food remains to place ' + ant_type_name)
   -= constructor.food_cost

    def remove_ant(self, place_name):
        """Remove an Ant from the Colony."""
        place = self.places[place_name]
        if place.ant is not None:

    def ants(self):
        return [p.ant for p in self.places.values() if p.ant is not None]

    def bees(self):
        return [b for p in self.places.values() for b in p.bees]

    def insects(self):
        return self.ants + self.bees

    def __str__(self):
        status = ' (Food: {0}, Time: {1})'.format(, self.time)
        return str([str(i) for i in self.ants + self.bees]) + status

def ant_types():
    """Return a list of all implemented Ant classes."""
    all_ant_types = []
    new_types = [Ant]
    while new_types:
        new_types = [t for c in new_types for t in c.__subclasses__()]
    return [t for t in all_ant_types if t.implemented]

def interactive_strategy(colony):
    """A strategy that starts an interactive session and lets the user make
    changes to the colony.
    For example, one might deploy a ThrowerAnt to the first tunnel by invoking:
    colony.deploy_ant('tunnel_0_0', 'Thrower')
    print('colony: ' + str(colony))
    msg = '<Control>-D (<Control>-Z <Enter> on Windows) completes a turn.\n'

def start_with_strategy(args, strategy):
    usage = """python3 [|] [OPTIONS]
    Run the Ants vs. SomeBees project.

    -h, --help      Prints this help message
    -f, --full      Loads a full layout and assault plan
    -w, --water     Loads a full map with water.
    -i, --insane    Loads an insane assault plan. Good luck!
    if "-h" in args or "--help" in args:
    assault_plan = make_test_assault_plan()
    layout = test_layout
    if '-f' in args or '--full' in args:
        assault_plan = make_full_assault_plan()
        layout = dry_layout
    if '-w' in args or '--water' in args:
        layout = mixed_layout
    if '-i' in args or '--insane' in args:
        assault_plan = make_insane_assault_plan()
    AntColony(strategy, Hive(assault_plan), ant_types(), layout).simulate()

# Layouts #

def mixed_layout(queen, register_place, length=8, tunnels=3, moat_frequency=3):
    """Register Places with the colony."""
    for tunnel in range(tunnels):
        exit = queen
        for step in range(length):
            if moat_frequency != 0 and (step + 1) % moat_frequency == 0:
                exit = Water('water_{0}_{1}'.format(tunnel, step), exit)
                exit = Place('tunnel_{0}_{1}'.format(tunnel, step), exit)
            register_place(exit, step == length - 1)

def test_layout(queen, register_place, length=8, tunnels=1):
    mixed_layout(queen, register_place, length, tunnels, 0)

def dry_layout(queen, register_place, length=8, tunnels=3):
    mixed_layout(queen, register_place, length, tunnels, 0)

# Assault Plans #

class AssaultPlan(dict):
    """The Bees' plan of attack for the Colony.  Attacks come in timed waves.
    An AssaultPlan is a dictionary from times (int) to waves (list of Bees).

    >>> AssaultPlan().add_wave(4, 2)
    {4: [Bee(3, None), Bee(3, None)]}

    def __init__(self, bee_armor=3):
        self.bee_armor = bee_armor

    def add_wave(self, time, count):
        """Add a wave at time with count Bees that have the specified armor."""
        bees = [Bee(self.bee_armor) for _ in range(count)]
        self.setdefault(time, []).extend(bees)
        return self

    def all_bees(self):
        """Place all Bees in the hive and return the list of Bees."""
        return [bee for wave in self.values() for bee in wave]

def make_test_assault_plan():
    return AssaultPlan().add_wave(2, 1).add_wave(3, 1)

def make_full_assault_plan():
    plan = AssaultPlan().add_wave(2, 1)
    for time in range(3, 15, 2):
        plan.add_wave(time, 1)
    return plan.add_wave(15, 8)

def make_insane_assault_plan():
    plan = AssaultPlan(4).add_wave(1, 2)
    for time in range(3, 15):
        plan.add_wave(time, 1)
    return plan.add_wave(15, 20)

# Extensions #

class Water(Place):
    """Water is a place that can only hold 'watersafe' insects."""

    def add_insect(self, insect):
        """Add insect if it is watersafe, otherwise reduce its armor to 0."""
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

class FireAnt(Ant):
    """FireAnt cooks any Bee in its Place when it expires."""

    name = 'Fire'
    fire_damage = 3
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

    def reduce_armor(self, amount):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

class LongThrower(ThrowerAnt):
    """A ThrowerAnt that only throws leaves at Bees at least 3 places away."""

    name = 'Long'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

class ShortThrower(ThrowerAnt):
    """A ThrowerAnt that only throws leaves at Bees within 3 places."""

    name = 'Short'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

class WallAnt(Ant):
    """WallAnt is an Ant which has a large amount of armor."""

    name = 'Wall'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

    def __init__(self):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

class NinjaAnt(Ant):
    """NinjaAnt is an Ant which does not block the path and does 1 damage to
    all Bees in the exact same Place."""

    name = 'Ninja'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

    def action(self, colony):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

class ScubaThrower(ThrowerAnt):
    """ScubaThrower is a ThrowerAnt which is watersafe."""

    name = 'Scuba'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

class HungryAnt(Ant):
    """HungryAnt will take three "turns" to eat a Bee in the same space as it.
    While eating, the HungryAnt can't eat another Bee.
    name = 'Hungry'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

    def __init__(self):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

    def eat_bee(self, bee):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

    def action(self, colony):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

class BushAnt(Ant):
    """BushAnt provides protection to other Ants."""
    name = 'Bush'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

    def __init__(self):
        Ant.__init__(self, 2)
        self.ant = None  # The Ant hidden in this bush

    def contain_ant(self, ant):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

    def reduce_armor(self, amount):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

    def action(self, colony):
        "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

class AntRemover(Ant):
    """Allows the player to remove ants from the board in the GUI."""

    name = 'Remover'
    implemented = True

    def __init__(self):
        Ant.__init__(self, 0)

# Status Effects #

def make_slow(action):
    """Return a new action method that calls action every other turn.
    action -- An action method of some Bee
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

def make_stun(action):
    """Return a new action method that does nothing.
    action -- An action method of some Bee
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

def apply_effect(effect, bee, duration):
    """Apply a status effect to a Bee that lasts for duration turns."""
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"

class SlowThrower(ThrowerAnt):
    """ThrowerAnt that causes Slow on Bees."""

    name = 'Slow'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

    def throw_at(self, target):
        if target:
            apply_effect(make_slow, target, 3)

class StunThrower(ThrowerAnt):
    """ThrowerAnt that causes Stun on Bees."""

    name = 'Stun'
    "*** YOUR CODE HERE ***"
    implemented = False

    def throw_at(self, target):
        if target:
            apply_effect(make_stun, target, 1)

def run(*args):
    start_with_strategy(args, interactive_strategy)