Thanks for your feedback

Thanks Fu and Elham for taking the time to pull all those review questions together. It has made for some good practice.

Thanks. Let us know if you guys need any clarifications. Feel free to post your questions here, and any TA would be willing to answer your questions. Leave your email if you'd like us to contact you.

Just a quick note on question 6 of the midterm2: the semicolons cause the version of STK I am using to crash. Did you all have the same problem? When I replace the semis with dashes or some other delimiter, it works fine.

Sorry! We totally missed that problem. Like you said, instead of using semicolons, use dashes or other delimiters. (This is assuming you are talking about question 6 on MT2 review problems?) Thanks for catching that.


i love andrew and allen! thank you for helping me with all my CS needs!

Yup. They work hard for you.

Having a mini project due the same week of a midterm is horrible. Most of us spend a lot of time studying for the midterm, and right after the midterm, we have a mini project due! It\'s bad enough that we have a midterm to deal with, but if we fail the midterm, we still have to deal with more scheme.

Try to do the miniproject before the midterm. It requires use of Higher Order Functions and lambda (and possibly let), so it is a great way to study for the midterm. It can definitely be finished if you attend lab this week, since there is no other lab material to cover. If you need help with the project, ask any of the TA's or Lab Assistants and they will help you. Once you start the miniproject, you'll notice that it's not too difficult.


Before the last midterm, there were quite a few ungraded quizzes and a mini-project. Is it possible to have grading caught up before this next midterm so that we have an idea where we might focus our studying efforts.


We're working on it, and will try to have them graded by the midterm.