Installing and Running SLIDE on NT

NT System Setup
To run SLIDE you must have access to the COMP-SCI or INSTRUCTIONAL domain and have access to machine \\SAMBA\ or \\MAMBA\. You can check which machine you have access to by using Network Neighborhood. The machines in 330 and 349 Soda should have acces to \\MAMBA.

Installing SLIDE
  • Run installmamba.bat or installsamba.bat from your Desktop (if you need to compile SLIDE also do step 3 below).


  • Install Manually
    1. Using NT Explorer under the Tools menu:
      1. Select Drive "S:"
      2. Set the Path to "\\MAMBA\caffe" or (\\SAMBA\caffe)

    2. Double click the following registry key export files:
      1. S:\slide\lib\System\Nt\TCL.reg
      2. S:\slide\lib\System\Nt\slideall.reg

      These files produce the following registry keys:
        HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\UC Berkeley\SLIDE\1.0

    3. Add two environment variables:
      1. Open the control panel (start->settings->controlpanel)
      2. Doubleclick on "system"
      3. Click on the "environment" tab
      4. The top part is all the system wide variables, and the bottom is the ones for the current user (these are the ones you will be adding to). If an environment variable already exists then click on it. Otherwise type the variable name in and the value for it.
      5. Add: "PATH" = "%PATH%;S:\slide\bin\SYSTEM\NT;S:\slide\bin;S:\slide\lib\SYSTEM\NT"
      6. Add: "LEFTYPATH" = "S:\slide\lib\SYSTEM\NT\lefty"

Running SLIDE
  • Run slide.bat from your Desktop


  • Open a DOS Command Prompt and type
      > S:
      > cd slide\bin\SYSTEM\NT
      > slide.exe