CS 188: Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2006

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About the exam

The final exam will be held on Thursday, May 18th, from 5-8pm. We have been split into several rooms, so please go to the room marked below, based on the first letter of your last name.

If you have notified the course staff of a conflict with the final exam time, you should have received an email confirming our awareness of the conflict. If not, please email cs188-staff@lists as soon as possible.

The exam will be open-notes and open-book. You may use simple calculators, but not any laptops or networked devices. The exam is designed to not require books or notes. A calculator is not required. but may be helpful.

Practice Exams

Practice exam: here. Solutions: here.

You can also look at old exams from previous semesters.

Changes to the practice final solutions appear at the bottom of this page.

Review Sessions and Office Hours

Special TA office hour schedule:
Tuesday's office hours will be structured around the practice final. We will follow roughly this schedule for Tuesday: There will, of course, be plenty of time for general questions as well. What about questions #1, #2 and #6? Those were (mostly) solved during the review session on Sunday. If you have more questions about them, feel free to ask.

Thursday's office hours will be more free-form.

The main review session was held on Sunday, May 14.

Possible Exam Topics


Constraint Satisfaction Problems:


Bayes Nets:

Hidden Markov Models:


Reinforcement Learning:



Changes to the practice final solutions

Answers to the following questions have been updated since copies were printed for the review session.