CS 188: Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2007

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About the Exam

The midterm will be held on Tuesday, October 16th, in class, 105 North Gate, starting promptly at 12:40pm and ending at 2pm.

The midterm will be closed notes, books, laptops, and people. However, you may use a one-page cheat sheet of your own design (group design ok but not recommended). To clarify, this can now be both sides of the sheet if you like. You may also use a basic calculator, which will not be required, but which may be helpful.

Practice Exams

Practice exams:

  • Fall 06 Final
  • Fall 06 Midterm 1, (solutions)
  • Spring 06 midterm, (solutions)
  • Spring 06 practice midterm, (solutions)
  • Spring 06 final
  • Spring 06 practice final, (solutions)
  • Note that in previous years, topic were covered in varying orders, and so the midterm topics do not align perfectly.

    You can also look at much older exams from other versions of the class.

    Review Sessions and Office Hours

    Review: Sunday, 10/14, 6-8p, in Soda 306.
    Office hours:
  • Aria: Monday, 10-12am, Soda 611
  • Simon: Monday, 1-3pm, Soda 751
  • Adam: Monday, 3-5pm, Soda 511
  • Possible Midterm Topics

    Note: exam questions will in many cases ask you to extend or combine basic ideas and algorithms from class. Make sure you understand the fundamentals in addition to being able to procedurally execute algorithms. The exam will not test your knowledge of Python, however questions may assume familiarity with the projects (see past exams for examples).


    Constraint Satisfaction Problems:



    Reinforcement Learning: