CS 186 - Lecture notes
Spring 2008
University of California at Berkeley

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Lecture notes

DateTopicLecture notes
1/22IntroductionPPT  PDF
1/24Relational (1)PPT PDF
1/29Relational (2)PPT  PDF
1/31Disks and filesPPT  PDF
2/5Intro to IndexesPPT  PDF
2/7Tree indexesPPT  
2/12SortingPPT  PDF
2/14Relational AlgebraPPT  PDF
2/14Relational calculusPPT
2/21Query processingPPT PDF
2/28Query processing 2PPT PDF
2/28Query OptimizationPPT PDF
3/11Text SearchPPT PDF
3/13Normalization 1PPT PDF
3/18Ruby on railsPPT PDF
3/20Normalization 2PPT PDF
4/3Physical designPPT 
4/8Intro to transactionsPPT PDF
4/10Concurrency controlPPT PDF
4/17Concurrency control 2PPT PDF
4/22RecoveryPPT PDF
4/29Parallel and distributed DBsPPT PDF
5/1Parallel and distributed DBs IIPPT PDF
5/8Final lecturePPT