CS 164 Homework

Spring 2018

Template files

You can generally find template files mentioned in homework assignments by looking in the shared Git repository at cs164-taa@ashby.cs.berkeley.edu:shared.

Location of Solution Code

Homework solutions, when released, will appear at this link.

Submitting Your Work

We use Git to submit work. Here are some general directions for doing so. xo

Programming Project Guidelines

We have prepared some useful stylistic guidelines for programming projects.


Assignments are due at midnight on the due date (if due on Wednesday, this means due at the end of Wednesday (i.e., the beginning of Thursday).

Homework Due Subject Corrections
HW 1
handout& files
Wed, 31 Jan Homework mechanics, regular expressions -
Please fill out this background survey
HW 2
Wed, 7 Feb FSAs, regular expressions, Python -
HW 3
Wed, 14 Feb Parsing, Grammars -
HW 4
Wed, 21 Feb More parsing, project tests -
HW 5
Fri, 23 Mar Static Semantics -
HW 6
Fri, 27 Apr Code Generation and optimization -
Project 1
Mon, 5 Mar Parser/Lexer -
Please fill out this survey about your team and Project 1
Project 2
handout & Our Python Dialect
Fri, 6 Apr Semantic Analyzer -
Please fill out this survey about your team and Project 2
Project 3
Fri, 4 May Code Generator -

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