CS164: Course Announcements

  1. That's right, there are no required textbooks for this course. All materials—including textbook-like course notes, lecture notes, and homework—will be online or handed out.
  2. We'll be posting information and announcements on the Piazza newsgroup.
  3. 1/22/2018. Sign up your team using this link. Only one entry per team, please.
  4. 2/4/2018. To see assignment scores, use the Scores link on the class homepage.
  5. 2/13/2018. Project 1 specification now available on the homework page.
  6. 2/13/2018. Test #1 will be on 7 March, in class.
  7. 2/15/2018. Project 1 skeleton now available from shared Git repository.

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