CS164: Course Announcements

  1. 4/16/2018. Project 3 and skeleton now available.
  2. 4/1/2018. Most recent skeleton update: 4/1/2018 @ 1949.
  3. Simplication to Python dialect: you need not support assignment from a list to a target list, as in
      (a, b) = [1, 2]  # or
      [a, b] = [1, 2]
    Treat all target lists, regardless of whether written with [] or (), as tuples for the purpose of type checking.
  4. 3/20/2018. Project 2 skeleton Expect several updates soon (brush up on merging in Git). Last update: 3/28/2018 at 1548.
  5. 3/19/2018. Test #2 will be on Wed., 11 April, in class.
  6. 3/15/2018. HW 5 now availble. Due Friday, 23 March.
  7. 3/13/2018. Project 2 specification now available on the homework page. Skeleton is not available yet.
  8. 2/28/2018. Please use git-bug for all questions about bugs in your code. No, we can't magically figure out what's wrong in general without ALL your code and an explanation of the how to reproduce the problem. For directions, just run
    git-bug -h
    on the instructional machines. Use the git-bug command from within your working git directory containing (1) the committed code that you want us to look at, and (2) a file (which need not be committed) with a description of the bug symptoms and how to reproduce them.
  9. 2/28/2018. The git-bug script, as well as pyunparse (used for deciphering project ASTs), fsasim, and earley are available in the software branch of the shared repository. To download them to your local machine, we suggest you use a dedicated directory (let's say cs164-software) to contain them, using the command:
      git clone --single-branch -b software \
          cs164-taa@ashby.cs.berkeley.edu:shared cs164-software
  10. 2/4/2018. To see assignment scores, use the Scores link on the class homepage.
  11. 1/22/2018. Sign up your team using this link. Only one entry per team, please.
  12. That's right, there are no required textbooks for this course. All materials—including textbook-like course notes, lecture notes, and homework—will be online or handed out.
  13. We'll be posting information and announcements on the Piazza newsgroup.

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