CS 162 Group and Section Sign-Up Form

  1. Form a project group of 4-5 students. It is required that all students in your group can all attend at least two sections together.
  2. You cannot use this form until every member of your group has received an account form, logged in to the account, and registered by running register (this should be run automatically the first time you log in).
  3. Each project group should fill out only one copy of this form. If you make a mistake, you can submit another copy. Note: You must provide a GitHub username for each member in your group since we are requiring use of GitHub this semester.
  4. We will then finalize assignments of project groups to sections.
Team Member Name Login GitHub Username (required)
#1 (required) cs162-
#2 (required) cs162-
#3 (required) cs162-
#4 (required) cs162-
#5 (optional) cs162-

Fill in the following form ranking sections from 1 (most desired) to N (least desired) where N is the number of sections your group can attend together (N>=2). If you cannot attend a section, leave the box blank (ie. only rank using 1 and 2 if your group can only make two sections). You must fill in at least 2 sections, although 3 are preferred.

Section Day Time Instructor Location
  101 Thursday 10:00A-11:00A Riyaz 6 Evans
  102 Thursday 11:00A-12:00P Kelvin 9 Evans
  103 Thursday 6:00-7:00P Vaishaal 405 Soda
  104 Thursday 1:00-2:00P Riyaz 7 Evans
  105 Thursday 2:00-3:00P Nick 121 Wheeler
  106 Thursday 3:00-4:00P Nick 81 Evans
  107 Thursday 4:00-5:00P Kelvin 81 Evans
  108 Thursday 5:00-6:00P Vaishaal 81 Evans
  109 Friday 2:00-3:00P Isaac 310 Soda
  110 Friday 3:00-4:00P Isaac 310 Soda
  111 Friday 9:00-10:00A George 405 Soda
  112 Friday 10:00-11:00A George 405 Soda

Please wait for confirmation upon clicking submit (may take a few seconds).