Homework 7

Due Friday 3/19/99 at 5pm
  1. Katz Chapter 7 problem 29
  2. Katz Chapter 6 problem 25
  3. Katz Chapter 8 problem 24
  4. Katz Chapter 8 problem 26
  5. Go to www.digikey.com and figure out how much it would cost to buy:
    1. a Xilinx 4005 chip
    2. a 64k x 8 SRAM (it's a trick question - digikey doesn't sell them that small anymore.  How much for the next size up?)
    3. the chips to implement your solutions to problem 5.13 on the last homework.
    4. a PIC12C 8 pin 8 bit microprocessor with 1k one-time-programmable (OTP) words of program memory and 41 bytes of RAM in a surface mount package with 8 pins (SO-8)
  6. Think of a couple of reasons why you would buy a Xilinx when you can buy PICs instead and save a lot of money.