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* New Information

This section describes new and important course information; it has been placed at the top of the page to make it easier to find out what's new. 

May 27/97 Final grades are posted on Professor Newton's door. From the Professor:
As of 9am this morning, grades for final, project, and overall course are
posted on my door. I apologize for the delay, but it was due to the
inconsiderate tardiness of one of the TAs who only finally gave me his
project grades last night! Again, my apologies and have a great summer!
Prof. A. Richard Newton
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California at Berkeley
(510) 642-2967
(510) 643-5052 fax

May 27/97 News server still flakey This web page still the only reliable way to make global announcements. Sorry.
May 15/97 Final exam is on Friday 12:30pm in 100 Lewis. Good luck to all!
May 15/97 Last nanosecond office hours! I'll be in the lab Friday May 16 at 9am to 11:30am. [Phil]
May 14/97 Harry says he'll have office hours from 1pm onwards on Thursday May 15. Also check out some random comments he sent me about some of the practice finals.
May 14/97 Derek says he will be available from 7-8pm on both Wednesday May 14 and Thursday May 15; see him in 117 Cory.
May 14/97 I'll be holding last-second office hours on Thursday May 15 8pm-???. [Phil]
May 13/97 Extra Problem 2 solved. For this problem, you should consider when the S-R latches have both inputs 0 (and both outputs 1); here, the outputs are not the complements of each other. It would be best to treat the S-R latches as an asynchronous circuit with a single feedback loop; analysis would begin by first breaking that loop at one output node and expressing the other output node as a function of the inputs and the broken node.
May 13/97 Extra Problem 1 solved. Also a typo was fixed in the question; the shift unit shifts left, not right.
May 12/97 Homework solutions 9/10 now online.
May 12/97 Solution to Spring 94-1, Question 2. As I find ``interesting'' problems from the old finals, I'll put sample solutions up here.
May 12/97 Some Extra Problems.
May 12/97 All homework/quiz grades are now online.
May 12/97 News server is flakey. Check here for the latest news. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your mom (but only if she's taking this course too).

April 25/97 Project Final Report guidelines available 

April 25/97 Homeworks 9 and 10 both available 

Mar 09/97 Homework solutions now online. 

Feb 26/97 Class List updated with most recent grades. 

Feb 14/97 Project Resources links added. Find that info quick! 

Feb 4/97 Project Checkpoints requirements added to course material section below. Check it out! 

Jan 30/97 Results from the survey/homework assignment (BUGS) are now available. They can also be found on the class Homework page. 

Jan 27/97 Yet again, more changes to the office hours; see the list and schedule below. Also, the class list has been updated again. As usual, send email if you think something is wrong. 

Jan 26/97 If your web browser caches pages (most do by default), you should click the Reload button to make sure you're looking at the most recent update of this page. 

Jan 23/97 Some of the TA office hours and lab/discussion sections have changed; see the list and schedule

Jan 23/97 The list of lab/discussion section assignments has been completed; please check to make sure that you've been given a satisfactory section. 

* Course Information

Course: CS 150 
Title: Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems 
Control Number: 24726 

Instructor: Professor A.R. Newton 
Office: 566 Cory 
Office Hours: Tu 1:00-2:00pm, We 3:00-4:00pm, 566 Cory 
Phone: 642-2967 
Email: rnewton@ic.eecs 

Lectures: 2:00-3:30 TuTh, 10 Evans; 2:00-3:00 Fr, 4 Leconte 
Discussions: See Schedule 
Labs: See Schedule 

Textbook: Contemporary Logic Design, R.H. Katz (Also see http://http.cs.berkeley.edu/~randy/CLD/CLD.html

Reference:  Laboratory Reference: 

* Course Schedule

Lab Section  Control Number  Discussion Section  Control Number 
11  24740  101  24728 
12  24742  102  24730 
13  24744  103  24732 
14  24746  104  24734 
15  24748  105  24736 
16  24750  106  24738 

* Teaching Assistants

Name  Email  Office Hours  Lab Sections  Discussion 
Edward Cheuk-Fan Chan  chan1@cory.eecs  1-2 Tu, 10-11 Th  12, 14  101 
Philip Chong (head TA)  pchong@cory.eecs  12-2 Fr  16  104 
Kenneth Nishimoto (reader)  nishkhi@uclink2  3-4 Fr 
Harry Fung  hfung@cory.eecs  12-1 Mo, 10-11 Th  11, 15  102 
Toan Pham  toanpv@cory.eecs  4-5 Mo, 4-5 Tu  12, 14  103 
Nithyaathreya Ramanathan  nithya@motian.eecs  10-11 Mo, 9-10 We  13  1-2 Th 
Yulius Tjahjadi  yulius@cory.eecs  10-12 Fr  11, 15  105 
Derek Young  dereky@cory.eecs  4-5 We, 4-5 Th  13, 16  106 
Office hours will be in either 204B Cory or 297 Cory (just down the hall from 204B). 

TAs and other friendly help can also be found using the class newsgroup (ucb.class.cs150). Watch for news regularly! 

When sending email, please put the string "CS150" somewhere in the Subject: header. This will hopefully help speed up the responses. 

Course Materials

Almost all material, including lecture notes, homework assignments, and lab assignments, will be posted to the web instead of distributed on paper. We encourage you to read all this documentation online, and resist the urge to print this material on paper: 

Previous Materials

Corporate Sponsors

We wish to thank our corporate sponsors, who have provided this class with valuable materials and technical assistance. 

Xilinx, which provided us with the FPGA boards and software development environment used in the lab. 

Intel, which generously donated the Pentium workstations in 204B and 123 Cory. 

Microsoft, which donated Windows NT and other software for the workstations. 

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