EECS150 Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems

EECS150 Spring 2004

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Course Instructor

Professor Randy H. Katz, Computer Science Division, EECS Department, 637 Soda Hall, 510-642-8778.
Office Hours: T 1-2pm, W 9-10am, and by appointment. E-mail: randy@cs

Teaching Assistants

Head TA: Greg Gibeling (gdgib@uclink), office hours: M 3-4pm, W 4-5pm, 125 Cory
Gabriel Eirea (geirea@eecs), office hours: MW 2-3pm, 125 Cory
Eric Chung (e_chung@uclink), office hours: M 4-5pm, F 11-12am, 125 Cory
Zohair Hyder (zhyder@eecs), office hours: M 12-1pm, 125 Cory
Michael Liao (mliao@uclink), office hours: R 1-2pm, 125 Cory


Chen Chen (qqcherry@uclink)
Tim Lee (timclee@uclink)

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