EECS150 Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems

EECS150 Spring 2004

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General Links
IESG Remote IESG Remote Desktop Connection page, useful for logging into Kramnik
Webcast Course lecture webcast site
Webnews Berkeley webnews site, useful for reading ucb.class.* news from anywhere (requires unix account)
AUS Authenticated usenet service.  How to read news from your home computer.

Lab Related Websites


Xilinx has datasheets for the Virtex-E XCV2000E FG680 -6 Chips as well as ISE 6.1i


Model Technology built ModelSim 5.7d


Synplicity built Synplify Pro 7.3.1


The CaLinx website, has limited information about the boards
Real Media Real player is required to view webcasts, it can be downloaded for free here...
Windows Media Player Windows Media Player is required to view the lab lecture webcasts and the lab demos, it can downloaded for free here...
RDC Client The Remote Desktop Connection Client (preinstalled on Windows XP) is required to log into kramnik

Staff Pages

Professor R. Katz

Homepage with biographical information, publications, talks, research and such information.

Lab Sponsors


Donated expertise and chips for the CaLinx boards as well as CAD software


Donated the computers in 125 Cory

National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor donated the money to rebuild 125 Cory

HP / Agilent

HP/Agilent donated test equipment (logic analyzers)

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