EECS150 Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems

EECS150 Spring 2004

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Spring 2004 Files
[PDF] Detailed Project Block Diagram

Verilog Files
FPGA_TOP.v Top level verilog file for the CaLinx v1 boards (Without USB)
FPGA_TOP2.v Top level verilog file for the CaLinx v2 boards (With USB)

General Documentation
[HTML] Kramnik (Terminal Server) Instructions
[PDF] IEEE Verilog Reference
[PDF] Synplify Reference
[PDF] Xilinx VirtexE Datasheet
[PDF] Oscilloscope Tutorial
[PDF] ModelSim Tutorial

Textbook Chapters
[HTML] Chapter 11
[HTML] Chapter 12

ChipScope Demonstration
[] ChipScope Demo Video
[ZIP] Original verilog files used in the demonstration video
[PDF] How to use ChipScope, a step by step guide

[PDF] Schematics for the CaLinx v1 boards (Without USB)
[PDF] Schematics for the CaLinx v2 boards (With USB)
[PDF] Block Select RAM+ Datasheet (XAPP130)
[PDF] The I2C Bus Specification
[PDF] Micron Technologies SDRAM Chip
[PDF] ADV7194 Video Encoder
[PDF] ADV7185 Video Decoder
[PDF] LXT974 Quad Ethernet Phy
[PDF] System ACE CF Controller
[PDF] LM4549A Audio Controller

Video Documentation
[PDF] [DOC] Video In a Nutshell by Tom Oberheim
[PDF] [DOC] ITU 601 Video Standard
[PDF] [DOC] ITU 656 Video Standard
[PDF] Charles Poynton, "A technical Introduction to Digital Video", Chapter 1

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