EECS 150
Fall 1998

Welcome to the EECS150 class homepage. Course information, class notes, homework assignments, and lab handouts will all be posted on this web page.

For announcements and notices, make sure to check the class newsgroup: ucb.class.cs150

Old announcements

[new]12/06 The final exam will be held in 10, 70, and 71 Evans.
The room assignments are by the last 4 digits of your SID:
0000 - 5010: 10 Evans
5011 - 7425: 70 Evans
7426 - 9999: 71 Evans

[new]12/06 Solution Set 12 is now available.

[new]12/06 Michael Chu's OH: Tuesday, Dec 8, 1pm-5pm in 204B Cory

[new]11/30 Problem Set 11 solutions in PostScript and in MS Word.

[new]11/27 Final project reports and unwrapped Xilinx boards are due on Dec 4th.

[new]11/27 Problem Set 12 is now available.

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