Please note: These files still need some checking. Comments in red are places that will be corrected during the course of the semester.

Please be nice to trees. There isn't anything here that you didn't see in lecture. If you have your notes from lecture, you probably don't need to print these out; These notes will be good if you want to check your diagrams or if you want to make sure your notes cover everything... You can just add notes to the notes you took in class. Anyways... The trees will appreciate your efforts.

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Week 1 lecture 1

Week 1 lecture 2

Week 2 lecture 1

Week 2 lecture 2

Week 3 lecture 1

Working on 3rd week lecture 2.

Week4 was prof. Fearing.

Week 5 lecture 1

Week 5 lecture 2

Week 6 lecture 1

Hmmmmmmmm.... The notes I got for 2nd lecture of 6th week and 1st lecture of 7th week look, uh, alot alike.
Week 6's second lecture must've just been going over exam... (Week 7's first lecture is actually in the week 6, lecture 2 file. Sorry.)
Week 6 lecture 2

See note above for information about first lecture of week 7.

Week 7 lecture 2

Week 8 lecture 1

Week 8 lecture 2

Week 9 lecture 1

Notes for week 9 lecture 2 won't be up before the midterm.
According to those who know, that shouldn't be a problem.