The CS 150 Home Page

Grades are online now.

Important Note:We will be limiting enrollment to 180 students, and the course is currently full. If you are not already enrolled in the class, it is unlikely that you will succeed in enrolling.

In the fall of 1996, CS 150 will be taught by Professor John Wawrzynek, and the head TA is Nick Weaver. We are currently planning for the fall semester. The textbook for this class is Katz, and there will be a reader available during the second week of class from Copy Central Southside. Class is held Tuesday and Thursday from 2 to 3:30 in 10 Evans, and Friday from 2 to 3. A complete schedule is also available.

Here is the list of all TAs, their email addresses, and their office hours. Office hours will be in either 204b or 297 Cory. (297 is just down the hall from 204b.)

The TAs
NameEmail addressOffice Hours
Nick Weavernweaver@cs11-12 & 4-5 Thursday
Jason Golbusjgolbus@cory.eecs2:30-3:30 Monday & 4-5 Tuesday
Mark Pingemarkp@cory.eecs11:30-12:30 Monday & 4-5 Tuesday
Yulius Tjahjadiyulius@uclink4-5 Monday & 4-5 Friday
William Tsupunsin@cory.eecs3:30-4:30 Tuesday & 8-9pm Thursday
Tai-Ping Yutaiping@cory.eecs3-4 Monday & 10-11 Tuesday
Charles Zapatazapata@cory.eecs12-1 Thursday & 10-11 Friday

We are going to experiment with web based teaching. Almost all material, including lecture notes, homework assignments, and lab assignments, will be posted to the web instead of distributed on paper. We encourage you to read all this documentation online, and resist the urge to print this material on paper:

Finally, we wish to thank our corporate sponsors, who have provided this class with valuable materials and technical assistance.

Xilinx, which provided us with the FPGA boards and software development environment used in the lab.

Intel, which generously donated the Pentium workstations in 204b and 123 Cory.

Microsoft, which donated Windows NT and other software for the workstations.

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