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Old News

The semester is over. Or almost. For those of you who have not yet returned your N64 controllers, please get them in ASAP (see below for threat). For the rest of you, enjoy your winter breaks; we expect to have your finals graded and your grades entered by Friday at the latest. The grades will be turned in to the registrar on Saturday so we are not accepting any further requests for regrades on earlier assignments. The gradebook should be up and running now.

We have read through your project suggestions. Some popular themes:

·        More training with lab equipment, software, and Verilog

·        Longer early checkpoints and shorter late checkpoints.

·        No more wireless! Or at least clearer wireless documentation.

We appreciate the comments and we’ll be sure to pass them on to next semester’s class.

- Your 150 TAs


Return your N64 controllers; if your controller is MIA we will not input your final exam grade. Turn it in by 5:00 today on the TA desk, make sure the serial number sticker on the bottom is still intact.


The TAs will be hosting a review session tomorrow from 8-10 PM.


I will be providing open checkoff hours tomorrow from noon to 5 PM but I would prefer students to arrive earlier than later. Furthermore, we would rather both members of a group be present though, if this proves impossible, one member will suffice.

If this does not work for any students who still need checkoffs, please let me know ASAP.



Project Reports: Drop off a physical copy of the project report in the drop box in front of 125 Cory before 2 PM on Friday.

Late Checkoffs: IMPORTANT! You must get your projects checked off ASAP. You may still come in today until 8 PM. Those individuals who have not gotten checked off MUST contact the TAs before this weekend to arrange a checkoff time. Those who do not will automatically receive no credit on their final project.


Late submission: Again, late submission is today at 5 PM. Follow the same procedure: send your files to cs150submit@gmail.com. Since you will also need to get checked off, show up to your lab sections and we will try to accommodate you.


Sign up for a regular checkoff timeslot on the pillar in Cory 125 as soon as possible. Again, students in a given lab section have priority for that section. If the board gets filled, let the TAs know.


Regular submission: For the students who want to submit the project today, follow the same procedure as for early checkpoint. Zip all your Verilog files and any blackboxes that you used and send it to cs150submit . at . gmail.com before 5 PM today.


For those students who are unable to finish the project by this Wednesday, you may now turn your project in by next week, Wed. Dec. 6 for -20% credit. If you choose to use this extension, your final document will still be due on Fri. Dec. 8.


In case you didn’t already know, Checkpoint 4 early checkoff deadline is today, Wed. Nov.22 at 5PM. If you aren’t done yet, don’t sweat it. You can still turn it in Wed. Nov.29 for full credit. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  –CS150-TAs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


A demo solution for Checkpoint 4 is posted. Take a look at the readme for instructions. –Kenny                                                                                                                                              11-13-2006


Midterm 2 is in 125 Cory on November 9th at 2 pm.


Early Checkpoint 4 Deadline will be due on for all groups on Wed. Nov.22 at 5PM. This is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Try to finish early for the 5% extra credit –Kenny


The Checkpoint 4 Design Doc and PowerPoint slides have been posted. Extra credit will be worth 20% of the checkpoint grade, not of the entire project. Don’t forget, midterm 2 is on Thursday, so study study study!     -CS 150TA’s



The checkpoint files and powerpoint for lab lecture 7 have been updated to reflect the correct timing. If anything, make sure you use the latest VideoRom.v file so that your output will no longer be cropped.


Whoever took the controllers that were on the TA desk, put them back. Keep in mind the TA’s  have a list of all the controllers checked out to students. Those were for communal usage, you were never supposed to take them home with you.


The newsgroup is still up even though OCF is down. For those that emailed, click the link in the upper right hand corner of this page. Leo will drop by lab around 1 or 2 PM tomorrow. He’ll stay for at most an hour and field any questions.



Alright, so this has not been said in lab lecture, it's not on the lecture slides but it is important. After sending a reset signal to the controller the controller will send you back 32 bits of status. Your job is to capture these 32 bits and then toss them away. Waiting 128 us like some of you were doing is not correct and will not work. The 32 bits are wrapped in the same way the data bits are... start bit data bits and the stop bit. Your project will be required to work with both solid and clear colored controllers. This will prove to us that you designed a receiver capable of communicating asynchronously. Because most groups only have one of either Solid or Clear controllers, you will have to share.


There were some mistakes on the grades for midterm 1. The grades should be fixed now. Thanks –cs150 TA’s


In the wee hours before your midterm, a rudimentary grade reporting system is now online.  Improvements will be made over the next few days to provide more/better information Good luck on your midterm. -Mike


From now on you will only have one (1) opportunity to get checked off for the labs. If you would like to get checked off early, take the time to double check your solutions. Once your lab or checkpoint is graded, you will not be given an opportunity to get re-graded.



There will be a midterm 1 Review session in 125 Cory from 8-10pm on Wednesday 10/04.  We will primarily review problems from Midterm 1, Spring 2006 and additionally cover any topics that might be on the exam. If you have any specific topics you would like to see in the review, please post to the newsgroup.  Unfortunately, we cannot post solutions from Midterm 1 last semester, as they are not readily available to the TA’s at this time. We will post them if we get access to it.



Lab 3 files have been updated and posted



Lab 2 has been updated and posted



Update: Tif file has been posted. Notes are 3 pages long, if you only see the first page open it up with an image viewer and not your browser or download a plugin of some sort.

Leo's Lecture notes have been posted. Keep in mind, I don't guarantee accuracy nor do I guarantee that I'm going to take notes every class. I reserve the right to be slightly lazy. If you're using Firefox, save the file to desktop and open it w/ IE.



TA's Leo and Mike are holding office hours in lab from 1-2 on Friday. Homework is due at 2:10 this Friday.


For additional reading on lecture material, refer to Prof. Katz's lectures from Fall '05 and Prof. Wawrzynek's lectures from Spring '05.

Prof. Pister is covering material in roughly the same sequence as Prof. Katz.


No labs first week. Labs will begin the week of 9/4

Homework and lecture notes have been posted in the newsgroup . Check the newsgroup often, this will contain the most updated info for the class.


Welcome to the Fall 2006 semester of CS150! Please check this web site often, as course updates and materials will be posted here. We look forward to a great semester!


There will be no lab or section the first week of class, however there will be a lab lecture this Friday.

-CS150 Staff



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