EECS 150 Fall 2002:
Design Techniques and Components for Digital Systems

Lecture: TuTh 2-330P, 10 Evans
Lab lecture: Fr 2-3P, 10 Evans
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Class Policies

Grade breakdown



  • A homework assignment will be posted on the website near the end of each week and will be due on Friday of the following week before 2pm. The homework will be graded on completeness and effort (max 3 pts).
  • Each Friday, a quiz will be held during the first 10-15 minutes (don't be late) of the lab lecture. A quiz, covering the material studied during the week, will typically be worth between 10 and 20 points and will be graded on correctness.

Labs/Project Checkpoints

  • Each week, you are expected to complete one laboratory exercise or a project checkpoint. To receive credit, you must check off your work with your TA during your assigned lab section.
  • Grading:
    • Checked off during lab on the week of the lab assignment, or during the beginning (notify your TA at the start of section and he or she will check you off as soon as possible) of the subsequent week's lab section -- full credit.
    • During the rest of the second week's lab section -- half credit.
    • Other -- no credit.


  • There will be three exams held during the semester. Details will be announced.
  • This class will not have a final exam.


  • Any act that gives you unfair advantage at the expense of another classmate.
  • Examples include copying on exams, homeworks, copying design data, modifying class CAD software, etc.
  • If you ever have a question what will be considered cheating, ask your instructor.
  • We will use software to automatically compare your submitted work to others.
  • If we detect you are involved in cheating you will be:
    • turned over to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, for investigation and sanctions, additionally,
    • if you are found to have cheated, you will receive an F in the course. "Dec 16 2002"