EECS 150 Fall 2002:
Design Techniques and Components for Digital Systems

Lecture: TuTh 2-330P, 10 Evans
Lab lecture: Fr 2-3P, 10 Evans
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Week Lecture Topic Lab/Project Homework Reading
Week 1
Course Introduction: lec01-intro.pdf, lec01-intro-6up.pdf
CMOS: lec02-cmos.pdf, lec02-cmos-6up.pdf
Additional Notes on Transistors (by Eylon Caspi): doc, pdf
    Mano: all of ch. 1

Ch. 10 sec. 1,2,7,8,9
Week 2
Circuit timing: lec03-timing.pdf

Bool Algebra: lec04-bool1.pdf, lec04-bool1-2up.pdf
Lab 1: Transistors: lab1.pdf Due Friday 9/6, 2pm: hw1.doc, hw1.pdf [Soln: hw1Soln.pdf]  

Mano: all of ch. 2
Week 3
Canonical Forms/K-maps: lec05-bool2-6up.pdf, lec05-bool2.pdf, lec05-bool2-2up.pdf, lec05-bool2-4up.pdf

FPGAs: lec06-fpga-4up.pdf, lec06-fpga-2up.pdf, lec06-fpga.pdf
Lab 2: Logic Gates: lab2.pdf Due Friday 9/13, 2pm: hw2.pdf, hw2.doc [Soln: HW2Soln.doc]
Quiz solution: q2fall02sol.pdf  
Ch. 3 sec. 1 through 8
Virtex E datasheet pages 1 - 8
Week 4
FSM I: lec07-fsm1.pdf, lec07-fsm1-4up.pdf, lec07-fsm1-2up.pdf

Verilog HDL: lec08-hdl1.pdf, lec08-hdl1-2up.pdf, lec08-hdl1-4up.pdf
Lab 3: FPGA CAD Tool Flow: lab3_cir.v, lab3_cir_testbench.v,, se_tutor.pdf, qk_guide.pdf, lab3.pdf
Due Friday 9/20, 2pm: hw3.doc, hw3.pdf, hw3-notes.txt [Soln: HW3Soln.doc]
Quiz solution: q3fall02soln.pdf  

Mano Ch. 3 sec. 9
Week 5
Exam I Review: exam1-Spring2002.doc, exam1-outline.txt

Logic Synthesis: lec10-synthesis.pdf, lec10-synthesis-2up.pdf, lec10-synthesis-4up.pdf
Exam I Fri (5-8pm Pimentel)
Lab 4: Verilog Simulation Mapping: lab4_testbench_skeleton.v, Verilog Simulation and Mapping.pdf
Due Friday 9/27, 2pm: hw4.doc, hw4.pdf [Soln: HW4Soln.doc, HW4Soln.pdf]  
Synplify Reference Manual all of Ch. 8
Week 6
Comb. & Arith. Logic I: lec11-cl1-4up.pdf, lec11-cl1.pdf, lec11-cl1-2up.pdf

C&AL II: lec12-cl2.pdf, lec12-cl2-4up.pdf, lec12-cl2-2up.pdf
Lab 5: Logic Synthesis/Mapping: FPGA_top.v, locktop.v, lab5.doc, lab5.pdf
  Mano: all of Ch. 4
Week 7
C&AL III: lec13-cl3.pdf, lec13-cl3-4up.pdf, lec13-cl-2up.pdf, lec13-cl3-2up.pdf

Project Description: lec14-proj1-4up.pdf, lec14-proj1-2up.pdf, lec14-proj1.pdf, readingNotes.txt, LXT974-LXT975.pdf
Lab 6: Debugging: lab6.doc, lab6.pdf, part1, part2, part3, part4
Due Friday 10/11, 2pm: hw5.pdf, hw5.doc [Soln: HW5Soln.pdf]
Quiz solution: q4fall02sol.pdf  
Week 8
Project Description II: lec15-proj2-2up.pdf, lec15-proj2.pdf, lec15-proj2-4up.pdf

Memory I (technology): lec16-memory-4up.pdf, lec16-memory.pdf, lec16-memory-2up.pdf
Checkpt 1: Ethernet Phy interface :, Chkpt1SampleSolution.bit, Quick Notes.doc, Quick Notes.pdf, FALL02-CHECKPOINT1.pdf, solution_receiver.v
Due Friday 10/18, 2pm: hw6.doc, hw6.pdf [Soln: HW6Soln.pdf]
Quiz solution: q5fall02sol.pdf  
Mano: all of Ch. 7
Week 9
Memory II (DRAM, FIFOs) : lec17-mem2.pdf, lec17-mem2-4up.pdf, lec17-mem2-2up.pdf

Seq. Logic I (FFs, counters): lec18-counters-4up.pdf, lec18-counters-2up.pdf, lec18-counters.pdf
Checkpt 2: Display Static Image : Files for, CheckPoint2.pdf, Notes_to_avoid_pitfalls.pdf, solution_videomodule.v
Due Friday 10/25, 2pm: hw7.doc, hw7.pdf [Soln: HW7Soln.pdf]
Quiz solution: q6fall02sol.pdf  
Week 10
Exam II Review : lec19-review2.pdf, lec19-review2-4up.pdf, lec19-review2-2up.pdf
Seq Logic II : lec20-fsm2-2up.pdf, lec20-fsm2.pdf, lec20-fsm2-4up.pdf
Exam II Friday (5-8pm Pimentel)
Checkpt 3: DRAM Test : 128MSDRAM_E.pdf, sync_fifo.pdf,, check_point3.pdf,   Due Wednesday 11/30, 5pm: hw8.pdf, hw8.doc solution: hw8Soln.doc    
Week 11
High-level Design & Opt I (RTL): lec21-HLD1-4up.pdf, lec21-HLD1.pdf, lec21-HLD1-2up.pdf

HLD II (scheduling): lec22-HL2.pdf, lec22-HL2-2up.pdf, lec22-HL2-4up.pdf
Checkpt 4: Frame Buffer : FPGA_TOP.v, common_mods.v, FPGA_TOP.bit, CheckPoint 4 _Draft_.pdf    
Week 12
HDL III (Parallel/Pipeline): lec23-HL3.pdf, lec23-HL3-2up.pdf, lec23-HL3-4up.pdf

HLD IV (CPU Core): lec24-HL4-4up.pdf, lec24-HL4.pdf, lec24-HL4-2up.pdf
Due Friday 11/15, 2pm: hw9.doc, hw9.pdf [Soln: HW9Soln-1.pdf]
Quiz solution: q7fall02soln.pdf  
Week 13
Power Consumption: lec25-power.pdf, lec25-power-4up.pdf, lec25-power-2up.pdf

Error Correction / LFSRs: lec26-ecc.pdf, lec26-ecc-4up.pdf, lec26-ecc-2up.pdf
  : Announcements.ppt Due Friday 11/22, 2pm: hw10.doc, hw10.pdf [Soln: HW10Soln.pdf]
Quiz solution: q8fall02soln.pdf  
Week 14
RS Flip-flops / Asynchrounous Circuits : lec27-asynch.pdf, lec27-asynch-2up.pdf, lec27-asynch-4up.pdf

Week 15
In Class Quiz, Exam III Review: lec28-review3-4up.pdf, lec28-review3.pdf, lec28-review3-2up.pdf

Exam III Review
Exam III Friday Evening
Final Check Off Due Tuesday 12/3, 2pm: hw11.pdf, hw11.doc, hw11Soln.pdf
Quiz solution: q9fall02soln.pdf "Dec 16 2002"