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EECS Instructional Support Group
Instructor's Survey for Instructional Computing

Computer Resources for Classes:

Please let me know if you have new requirements for Instructional computing in the upcoming semester. Below are questions to consider. You could also just send me email, call me or visit at 378 Cory Hall.

Information about Instructional resources is available on paper outside of 386 Cory and 333 Soda and on-line under:
  • EECS Instructional & Electronics Support/Information for Instructors
  • INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE to EECS Instructional Computing
  • If you have any questions or comments about this, please contact:


    Your Name: E-mail address:

  • Please list the classes will you teach and the estimated enrollments:
  • Please describe any special SYSTEM environment that is needed (ie: workstations, PCs, Macs, etc).
  • Please name any specific SOFTWARE that is needed, including both systems and applications software (ie HP, Ultrix, IRIX, Matlab, g++, etc).
  • Are there any special lab scheduling requirements? (The labs are usually open to general access.)
  • Please comment if you have had any problems in past semsters that you hope we'll avoid next time:

  • Last modified: Sunday, February 27, 2005